Thursday, December 29, 2005

Mending Fences and Ramdom Thoughts

Here's an interesting question: If you were able to gain the knowledge of your impending death, would you want it?
I sometimes wonder what I would do with this information. Would I be accepting? Would I regret knowing? Would I make peace with myself and mend old broken fences? Would I finally begin to truly live my best life or would I simply resign myself to the truth and fall away until that day came?
After having given this some thought, I have come to the conclusion that nothing can come of my potential until I make peace with myself and mend my own fences.
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I've once again been slapped across the ass by the hand of meme. You can find my responses at:
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For the past two nights I have had the strangest dream. As some of you may know, my wife is out of town. On Tuesday night I had a dream that she no longer wanted to continue in our relationship. No matter how hard I tried to get an answer as to why she felt this way, she could never come up with one.
Last night was the continuation of that dream. The difference was that she told me it's over (still without explanation), so I told the kids and I left.
I wake up this morning and am talking with my daughter when from out of nowhere she tells me that she had a bad dream about her mother. I inquired and learned that she dreamed her mother married another man, a "mean man."
I'm not reading to much into this, but I found it interesting that she had a similar dream the same night I did.
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I'm off to Starbucks...
More later...
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I learned of something today that may or may not be cool: House swapping. Have you ever heard of such a thing?
Apparently, what you do is agree to swap your home with another home at the destination of your choice for an agreeded upon amount of time. In doing so, you have a place to stay free of charge during your trip. Sounds cool, huh? Maybe. I would have serious reservations about allowing a total stranger into my life, unless of course I have a rental/summer home that has the necessary amenities less my personal belongings.
As well, there are web sites catering to these kinds of services, which may prove to be helpful in weeding out unwanted parties. Nonetheless, it's still uncertain who or what you will invite into your home, and ultimately your life.
Is this something you would consider given the state of the world?


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