Thursday, December 15, 2005

Rationing Rationale

Regarding yesterday...
I try not to unload like I did yesterday, only because I know in most cases you are trying to help, not hinder the healing process. But the truth of the matter is, there is little appreciation in telling someone to get over something or to get a grip or to toughen up (I'm paraphrasing the last one.) Do you think for one moment that if we had the ability to do these things ourselves we would simply allow them to pass us by in favor of this self-absorbed, self-reliant, masochistic life we lead? Furthermore, do you think we would continually allow our friends and family to suffer on our behalf or keep them at bay for the sake of a fucked up feeling?
As I do when you suggest ideas, consider my input - no matter how gruff or abrasive it may be. Afterall, it is my suggestion to you regarding how to handle someone like myself.


Anonymous D`Anerah[H] said...


I'm tired of being told to suck it up or to toughen up.

I am tough. Every damn day of the week. Its about time people walked a day in our shoes and then they might not be so damn judgemental.

*hugs hunny*

12:34 PM  

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