Monday, March 27, 2006

In making my daily blog rounds, I came across a post of a fellow "cyberfriend's" regarding the subject of self-censorship in conjunction with blogging. Their entry, in part, is as follows:
"There was an interesting cross-blog discussion recently about the issue of self-censorship in blogland. One cool blog friend went so far as to take down her blog because she felt she wasn't being totally honest in it, so why bother? I miss her blog, but I admire and even envy the integrity of the move. When I started blogging I thought: wow, I can say anything, because nobody knows who I am anyway! But then you make cyberfriends. Cyberfriends you really like. And you want them to like you. So you start to issue press releases instead of genuine messages from the heart."
I couldn't agree with this statement more. As members of the blogging community, we have a tendency to cast light on certain facets of who we truly are while luring our readers away from truth of our individual realities. Why? So we can look and/or feel good to or for someone who doesn't know any better than to believe what we say as being the truth?
(((a long pause and a sigh as I think about the purpose of this entry.)))
In line with my friend's commitment to being honest, I too wanted to submit an entry that had yet to be shared with anyone outside of my inner sanctuary. And having sat on this idea for the better part of a couple of days, I came to the realization that of the skeletons I keep tucked securly in the back of my closet, there are far too many to choose from. With that in mind, at this time I can't seem to find the strength or courage to release any one secret without the fear of retribution, or at least the repercussion of disapproval - none of which I am prepared to accept.
To my friend, I truly am sorry. I tried... but after having talked with you, I am able to better rationalize the effects of my decision based on the truth of my own reality.


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