Friday, March 31, 2006

M.I.L.F.'s and businessmen.
Teens and elderly.
Psycho's and soccer mom's.
We all stand rank and file.
Patiently awaiting (sometimes not).
We all want our daily push of a low dollar high end suburban crack equivalent.
Do these people have the same problems as me?
Probably not.
Maybe so.
They could be worse off.
Can't they?
Maybe not.
My head doc says I need to kick the habit, I need to quit drinking caffeinated products.
Does she realize that would be like kicking the chair out from under me?
Not literally.
Well, kinda.
Afterall, caffeine's my crutch.
My vice.
My addiction.
It's my social interaction. My way of blending in. My way of feeling like I'm a part of... well... something.
Isn't it?
What exactly am I a part of?
Everything I said I would never be?
That's right.
Now I have a reason to quit.


Blogger Flip said...

Or just enjoy it...

Sadly, the most any of us can ever aspire to being is human.

3:34 PM  
Blogger Tom said...

Many people can have a cappuccino without it being a problem. Many people can have a scotch and soda without it being a problem. I'm lucky to be one of the latter, but unfortunately not the former.

Let me be a cheerleader here for kicking caffeine. People with mood issues who drink coffee, tea or Mountain Dew are like people with asthma who work dusting floors. I know this from long and painful experience. Coffee = crack: the quick warm social high, the jittery lonely crash. When I first kicked it was really tough, all those people walking around with the double lattes in their hands chatting and and hanging out and, yes, being part of something, but I found that a steamed soymilk is a ticket to the same club, without the gloomy payoff. And decaf is just methadone, if it's really decaf at all--usually it's only slightly less caffeinated than a regular. If you decide to kick, know that as you go through the sweats and tremors of withrawal, I'm here.

5:36 PM  
Blogger the depressed nurse said...

Oh, it's not so tough. I quit caffeine and cigs at the same time when I got preggers with AB. Now, the only thing I drink that's caffeinated is the couple of cups of coffee in the morning. Our soft drinks and tea are all decaf.

1:23 PM  
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