Saturday, April 01, 2006

Okay... something's not right.
It's been ten days since I had my surgery. Ten days, I might add that I was told is normal for the "effects" or this procedure to completely ware off. And yet I'm still taking the antibiotic, I'm still taking Ibuprofin, and I'm still taking pain killers because there is a throbbing in both surgery sites - either at the same time or seperately, to include additional teeth that weren't originally considered, and shooting pain in my ear.
I don't see how this is normal.
I'm not a hypocondriac.
I'm not a pain pill junkie.
I'm not seeking attention.
I'm in motherfuckingpain.
What to do?
I have a follow up appointment with my orthodontist on Tuesday. I could call the surgeon on Monday, but is it really necessary? I mean, couldn't the ortho doc take care of his problem?


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