Friday, April 14, 2006

The past 48 hours - for me - have been rough going. Too many familial trials and tribulations to deal with while I'm being detoxed from one psych med and not having another lined up to take it's place.
While my outward demeanor appears stable, last night while enjoying our defacto anniversary dinner, my wife and I both noticed my inward instability in the form of uncontrollable nervousness. So much so that she suggested I take a anti-anx pill, but since we were already waiting for the check, I decided to forgo the pill in favor of getting the fuck out of dodge.
Everything is "nucking futs" right now. I know things could be worse, and I certainly don't want that. Nonetheless, it's enough to drive a semi-crazy bipolar bloke like myself to the front doorstep of the psych ward.
If you checked in on me, you might have noticed a certain post regarding my son. I did so because I came across something that freaked me out and once again I was home alone and needed to vent. I've since removed it from public viewing at the request of my wife, not because she controls what I say here, rather because she had a point in that this is something that I'm sure my son wouldn't want to have made public. If you did get the chance to see the post and want to discuss it with me, by all means do. The only thing I ask is that you do so via e-mail.


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