Thursday, April 13, 2006

Tom asks...
"What, with honesty, is the single best sexual moment you have ever had?"
This took some thinking. The BEST sexual “moment” I have EVER had was actually a period of time, and it was with my wife when we first became a couple. It was an incredibly insane sexual time for the both of us. INCREDIBLY SEXUALLY INSANE! We were like jungle monkeys. We fucked anywhere and everywhere leaving only a trail of destruction and used condoms in our wake (I still feel guilty about the Quality Inn in Flagstaff). There were days where we never once set foot out of the bedroom, and when we did, it was usually dark, and we did so only to feed and shower together and then we were right back at it again. I don’t know if it had anything to do with youth being on our side or if it was because we were so hormonally charged that there was really no other way to reduce the unhinged tension building between us. Either way, it’s been fourteen years now, and for shits and giggles we’ve attempted to recapture that magic every now and again, but it just seems to lack that frenetic energy of lustful primal lasciviousness that left an indelible mark on many a cleaning service woman the following morning.

Anna asks...
"Following Tom's lead, how old were you the first time you had sex?"
Insanely enough, I was fourteen years old. Fourteen. Back then I thought I was the shit, and these days when I talk to my peers about it, they are beside themselves at how young I was. I couldn’t agree more. I mean, I used protection all but twice – and had the fucking scare of a fucking lifetime when I didn’t – however, I would have NEVER been emotionally prepared to deal with raising a child. WHAT WAS I THINKING?

barista brat asks...
“Which Muppet best represented you? I see you as a slightly understated ‘Animal’ that doesn’t play drums.”

You were dead on with the Muppet question EXCEPT I did play drums once upon a time - and quite well I might add. Animal was, is, and always will be my man. Can you think of a better character you'd rather be, aside from maybe Rizzo, Beaker, or (forgive me forgetting) the little French speaking lobster from Muppet Treasure Island?

Juanita J. Sanchez asks...
“Have you ever had a turning point in your life, one moment, in which you made a decision that has changed the course of your entire life? And if so, did you make the right decision?"

If I can truly recall such a momentous occasion, NOT a moment, but an event, I think it would be when I was faced with either moving away to pursue my drumming career or fully profiting from the emotions I was feeling for the friend who would later become my wife. She’s been my Rock of Gibraltar for many years and as I’ve said to her on more than one occasion, based on everything that has happened to me since meeting her, I truly believe that had I not made the decision to act on my feelings I would have committed suicide many years ago, not because I would have felt I made the wrong decision by moving away rather because I am ill and probably would have never pursued pharmacological aid for Bipolar.
Did I make the right decision? ABSOLUTELY! Unfortunately, and certainly for different reasons, there are times I feel as if I want to end my life, however I’ve yet to do so. I’ve come to realize that it’s part of the Bipolar landscape and as such I am learning to cope with those issues as they arise. So until the day I am successful…


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