Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Sorry about yesterday folks. I've been reeling in my own misery, and as a result spawned yet another blog... a keeper of a name if there ever was one... called "Dimestore Therapy." It can be found here: http://dimestore-therapy.blogspot.com. Let me know aht you think. In the meantime, squirrel turds is about to wind down...


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Hi all

The name's Dennis, though most people call me 'Freaky'. :P I'm in my "teens" and kinda lost in the world at the moment...however, I've found the hippie "culture" and discovered that it fits me very well...I'm not trying to fit into it, it just kind of fitted onto me.
I have lots of questions, which hopefully some of the older and wiser people on this board will be able to help answer.
Here's to hoping this board will be able to help me discover more of myself and fuel my beliefs.

Peace out.

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